Camper Guidelines

C Children under 18 must be at site by 10pm unless accompanied by an adult.
A All Sites are located to the right side of the site markers
M Maximum of one camping unit per site, Charge for extra Adults
P Persons Not obeying our Strictly Enforced, Radios Off, no loud talking or laughing during quiet hours will be asked to leave.
E Everyone entering K&L must register and purchase a car pass at the office. (NO REFUNDS)
R Restrooms must be kept clean. No fish cleaning or dish washing allowed.
S Sort all Trash! Recycling is Mandatory!
G Glass, Aluminum cans are not to be put in fire rings. Do not move the rings, Put out fire and replace the table over the ring before departing.
U Under no circumstances are tables to be exchanged or moved from other sites. One table per site.
I In case of severe weather, Restrooms / Showers are the safest location available in the park.
D Diaper aged children not allowed in pool without Swim Diapers, and No Dogs, Glass or Food allowed in Pool or Beach area.
E Everyone in the park must obey the 10 mph Speed Limit and Please watch for Children at play!
L Liability for K&L property damaged by you, your family or visitor is your responsibility, A $50.00 Fine for damaged trees, bushes or other plant life.
I Individuals causing damage to K&L Raft, Basketball Hoop, etc..., will be prohibited from using these and any of our equipment in the future.
N No lifeguard on duty, Swim at your own risk, Never swim alone.
E Enjoy the use of our water craft by renting them at the office prior to use.
S State Law prohibits fireworks and / or firearms in a park. NO EXCEPTIONS.
! No Fishing off the swimming beach.