New Look New Feel!

K&L is getting ready for the future with our new 4.0 website!
We are moving to a much faster and cleaner interface to bring you the information you need weather you are on a Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet, You will now have access to our site with the features you have always wanted! Enjoy the changes! -Scott

One thought on “New Look New Feel!

  1. Hi, wanted to send you guys an email, but on your card all you have is this address – so here it goes – so good to have been able to get together with you guys for a visit when we were in the Tucson area. Please let us know when you are going back to the gulf area – as we go down there every year, and would love to have you visit us down there.

    Also – remember we were talking about an author Jon liked so much – his name is Max Brand, and he has a ton of westerns, just upyou alley. Take care, enjoy the rest of your winter. Jan

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