Sites Map

Welcome to the K&L Campground Site maps.
You can download these handy maps to help you find your way around K&L a little easier.
You have your choice when it comes to downloading the K&L Campground Site maps,  You can download the standard JPEG (A Computer Picture Format that 99.9% of computers can read.) or you can choose to download the PDF ( A compressed document format that you can view with a free reader that is included on most computers today or is available for Download for free.)
You can print these maps off or you can choose to store the pictures on a portable viewer.  (You may need to resize to fit your device)

( ie…  Portable GPS, Cell Phone, IPod, or Portable Game Player)

To download simply click on the image you want on the right and when the dialog box pops up choose to download to Desktop,  Or you can right click on the link and choose to "Save Link as" or "Save Target as"